2E 584 – Family History, Part 2

“Your sacrifice is greatly appreciated,” Tara Geonette said. She stared at the three corpses and smiled. The three women, Asteria, Agnes, and Zyra, had been the final Glenmoril witches that knew Tara directly. The fewer people alive who knew her past, the better. Plus, there was something…delicious…about using their souls for her needs. She staredContinue reading “2E 584 – Family History, Part 2”

4E 202 – The College of Winterhold

Tara set down the book, On Necromancy, rubbed her eyes, and stared up at the ceiling. The book made her skin crawl. But, oh, that glorious ceiling and the library they were in. This was The Arcanaeum, the vast library of the College of Winterhold. It had taken nearly a year, but here she was,Continue reading “4E 202 – The College of Winterhold”

2E 584 – Family History, Part 1

Tara Geonette allowed herself a smile. She exhaled slowly and enjoyed the moment. The dead thrall stood in front of her, ready for command. What had been his name? Mordard. Yes, that was it. He’d told her she had “flaming hair of passion” and “the deepest emerald eyes I’ve ever seen”. That first date hadContinue reading “2E 584 – Family History, Part 1”

4E 199 – Leaving Home – The Rest of the Story

Sunlight broke across the horizon, coating the morning in warmth, brilliance, and hope. Today was the day. Tara was leaving home and heading for Cyrodiil. For a new life. She finished tossing extra feed out for the chickens. Would Mom or Father feed them on time later today? Did they even know when to feedContinue reading “4E 199 – Leaving Home – The Rest of the Story”