Tara of High Rock

A Skyrim and Rigmor fan fiction.


I’ve been a gamer all my life, and an Elder Scrolls fan since the Oblivion days. I love Skyrim, and that’s where (way) too much of my video game time goes.

The Rigmor series of mods breathed fresh life into the game for me, starting in 2020. Out of that has risen my Skyrim character, Tara Blaton. For the first time, a character insisted I tell their story, instead of being some minor head canon for another play through. Thanks to the awesome community and support at the Rigmor Discord (and mod author, Jim), I felt it time to write Tara’s story. This helps satisfy my creative writing itch, which takes a back seat to my day job and professional fine art.

This is the Tara you meet in Rigmor of Cyrodiil. There are purposeful parallels to the Rigmor of Bruma events (and easter eggs for fans).

Tara first appears in Rigmor of Cyrodiil: Reboot

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I run over 700 mods in my game. Everything from graphics/textures, character creation, story/quests, and animations. You can see my full mod list here: Modwat.ch

Want to watch me play as Tara (and see all the mods in action)? Check out my YouTube channel dedicated to Modded Skyrim: Brandi Untz- Gaming Channel. I give shout outs and links to mods in the videos. I do play the YouTube videos as if Tara is the Dragonborn, much easier for most mods and general game play. One day, I will do a series that tells her story. See my first such telling here.

Eventually, I will put Tara in her own universe. I have long-term plans for her evolution and story. I’ll keep you posted as that happens. No time table on it.

Regardless of my original story development, this fan fiction set in The Elder Scrolls will remain and be written for a long time. I intend to take this through at least the end of Rigmor of Tamriel’s time period, and most likely beyond.

Thanks for taking the time to read this far.

If you’re interested in supporting this creative endeavor, you can buy me a coffee.

Watch Tara’s Story here: https://youtu.be/o0iHegcUdss

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  1. will you do a video on Rigmor of Bruma – Reboot Game play i wood verry much like to see the game with Tara

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