4E 201 – When Pedestals Fall

Tara and Katla sat outside the Sleeping Giant Inn, eating an early dinner. Tara wanted them to go to bed early, so they could leave first thing in the morning. They’d spent the day on errands. Well, after Tara had scoped the town out several times to make sure they hadn’t been followed to Riverwood.Continue reading “4E 201 – When Pedestals Fall”

4E 201 – Lost in Thought

“Wow,” Tara said. “Impressive, isn’t it?” Katla said. Tara and Katla were walking up the long, stone stairs that wound their way up to Dragonsreach, the jarl’s home and, well, castle. It didn’t look like a castle in Cyrodiil, or in High Rock, but its distinctive design made a lasting impression. Rich wood pillars holdingContinue reading “4E 201 – Lost in Thought”

4E 201, 17th of Last Seed – A Day To Remember

Tara crouched in the shrubbery and studied the bandits. People had said Skyrim wasn’t civilized, but bandits, with a rock trap right along a major road? Truly uncivilized. Weren’t there patrols to keep these things in check? Tara shook her head. Now, she had to decide if she would try to go around them, orContinue reading “4E 201, 17th of Last Seed – A Day To Remember”