2E 593 – Transformation

Tara Geonette stepped into her basement lab. She headed for her alchemy table. Keeping her back to Bedore, she set down her tools and the soul gems. “You’ve had the baby,” Bedore said. He’d noticed she wasn’t pregnant any more. Tara turned around and smiled at him. “I have. Congratulations on becoming a father again.”Continue reading “2E 593 – Transformation”

4E 205 – The Assignment

When they arrived in Dragon Bridge, Tara noticed the uptick in activity. Agents were everywhere, more than she’d ever seen together at once. Tents were setup around the outpost, all the way to the lumber mill. The outpost couldn’t hold this many agents, so they’d setup camp. Everyone was doing some task. “The commander shouldContinue reading “4E 205 – The Assignment”

2E 592 – Consequences

*tw: sa Tara Geonette stepped inside her basement lab and closed the double doors behind her. Mordard, only the second zombie she’d ever created, was dutifully digging in the cavern. The alcove she’d commanded he create was coming along. She needed everything perfect. Tara turned her attention to Bedore. He stared at her with aContinue reading “2E 592 – Consequences”