4E 203 – Two For Me, One For You

“Tara?” Tara finished off her fourth mead. She needed to stop. She needed to get on the road. You need to stop drinking so much. She turned toward the voice, Laila’s, and immediately found herself pulled into a hug. Laila had wrapped her arms around her and pulled her close. With their height difference, LailaContinue reading “4E 203 – Two For Me, One For You”

4E 203 – Longing Urgency

Katla folded Tara’s letter and wiped her eyes. Oh, Tara, she thought. If only she could hold her right now. Tara had written about the fight with Norring, the new orders from Legate Rikke, and, finally, about what else had happened in Rorikstead. Not the wave she’d used to stop those twenty-five Stormcloaks soldiers. She’dContinue reading 4E 203 – Longing Urgency