2E 586 – Family History – Final Test

Tara stood on her balcony, watching Bedore lead the three mages onto the farm. He’d not told her about their true origin until this morning. Bedore continued his foolish attempts at taking agency where he shouldn’t. Tara sighed. So tempting to be done with him, but… She pressed her hand to her stomach. Remember. Fortunately,Continue reading “2E 586 – Family History – Final Test”

4E 202 – The Return of Mira

“You should eat something,” Mira said. “You’re going to get drunk.” “I want to be drunk,” Tara said. She hiccupped, as if for emphasis. Katla was gone. Gone. It wasn’t goodbye, she’d said. Might as well have been. She was gone. And here was Mira. With all those painful memories. Tara hiccupped again and pulledContinue reading “4E 202 – The Return of Mira”

4E 202 – Love, Loss, Letters

“Where is she?!” How was she here? Why was she here? “Tara…” Mira started. “Where is Katla?!” Tara roared at Mira. “Keep it down in there!” Dagur, owner of The Frozen Hearth Inn, yelled. Tara tried to steady herself. She hadn’t stopped trembling since she burst into the inn, after leaving The Midden. She’d gottenContinue reading “4E 202 – Love, Loss, Letters”

4E 202 – Dreams Don’t Come True

“You already know the truth.” Tara stared at the ancient wood door, so inexplicitly placed down in the strange blend of caves and tunnels that was the Midden; the area under the College of Winterhold. The things she’d seen just to get to this door. When Tolfdir warned her about the dangers, she’d assumed heContinue reading “4E 202 – Dreams Don’t Come True”