4E 199 – Healing Flames

“Hey! Watch it!” Tomar growled. “Healing spell, not flames!” “Sorry,” Tara said, as an errant lick of flames came within inches of Tomar’s robes. “Pay attention! You have moss stuffed in your ears or something? Study healing today!” Tomar, a high elf originally from the Summerset Isles, gathered his robes, lifted his head high, andContinue reading “4E 199 – Healing Flames”

4E 199 – Tears and Letters

A tear fell on the letter. Tara wiped it away before it could smear the ink. She moved the letter slightly to the right, so the falling tears would miss the precious paper. When she’d arrived at The Count’s Arms inn in Anvil, the letter was waiting. Mira had written. A month before leaving home,Continue reading “4E 199 – Tears and Letters”