4E 202 – The Return of Mira

“You should eat something,” Mira said. “You’re going to get drunk.” “I want to be drunk,” Tara said. She hiccupped, as if for emphasis. Katla was gone. Gone. It wasn’t goodbye, she’d said. Might as well have been. She was gone. And here was Mira. With all those painful memories. Tara hiccupped again and pulledContinue reading “4E 202 – The Return of Mira”

4E 202 – Love, Loss, Letters

“Where is she?!” How was she here? Why was she here? “Tara…” Mira started. “Where is Katla?!” Tara roared at Mira. “Keep it down in there!” Dagur, owner of The Frozen Hearth Inn, yelled. Tara tried to steady herself. She hadn’t stopped trembling since she burst into the inn, after leaving The Midden. She’d gottenContinue reading “4E 202 – Love, Loss, Letters”

4E 202 – Dreams Don’t Come True

“You already know the truth.” Tara stared at the ancient wood door, so inexplicitly placed down in the strange blend of caves and tunnels that was the Midden; the area under the College of Winterhold. The things she’d seen just to get to this door. When Tolfdir warned her about the dangers, she’d assumed heContinue reading “4E 202 – Dreams Don’t Come True”

4E 202 – Be Careful What You Wish For

Tara paced back and forth, at the top of the College of Winterhold. What was it with magic schools, tall towers, and her needing space to think? Frostcrag Spire’s top balcony had been cold. The open courtyard at the top of the College of Winterhold was at least as cold, especially with the constant windContinue reading “4E 202 – Be Careful What You Wish For”

4E 202 – The College of Winterhold

Tara set down the book, On Necromancy, rubbed her eyes, and stared up at the ceiling. The book made her skin crawl. But, oh, that glorious ceiling and the library they were in. This was The Arcanaeum, the vast library of the College of Winterhold. It had taken nearly a year, but here she was,Continue reading “4E 202 – The College of Winterhold”