31st of Evening Star, 4E 201 – Taking the Next Step

“Did we have an appointment? Or, wait, you were getting something for me?” Wylandriah asked them. “I already found it,” Tara said. The woman could not be this forgetful. This had to be an act. “We’re here about the gem I showed you,” Katla added. “You said you had information.” They were standing in Wylandriah’sContinue reading “31st of Evening Star, 4E 201 – Taking the Next Step”

4E 201 – The Pain of Magic

Tara pressed her finger to her lips, then pointed at the bones hanging from two ropes in front of them. Katla nodded that she saw and understood. They were inside Boulderfall cave, crouched inside the entrance. The trip to the cave had been uneventful and they’d managed to open the doors silently and step inside.Continue reading “4E 201 – The Pain of Magic”

4E 201 – Kiss And Tell

Tara opened her eyes to see Katla’s soft, brown ones watching her. A smile crept across Katla’s face. “This isn’t how I thought our first night sharing a tent would go,” she said. Tara laughed. “Me, either. Something told me to stay with you last night, though.” Katla raised herself up on one elbow andContinue reading “4E 201 – Kiss And Tell”

4E 201 – So Many Women, So Little Time

Freta stared at Tara across the camp fire. Tara blinked. She was still there. “This isn’t possible,” she said. “You’re in Sovngarde.” Freta smiled. She rested her elbow on her raised knee, then put her chin in her hand, as if settling in for a long story, as she had so many times in theContinue reading “4E 201 – So Many Women, So Little Time”

4E 201 – When Pedestals Fall

Tara and Katla sat outside the Sleeping Giant Inn, eating an early dinner. Tara wanted them to go to bed early, so they could leave first thing in the morning. They’d spent the day on errands. Well, after Tara had scoped the town out several times to make sure they hadn’t been followed to Riverwood.Continue reading “4E 201 – When Pedestals Fall”

4E 201 – Lost in Thought

“Wow,” Tara said. “Impressive, isn’t it?” Katla said. Tara and Katla were walking up the long, stone stairs that wound their way up to Dragonsreach, the jarl’s home and, well, castle. It didn’t look like a castle in Cyrodiil, or in High Rock, but its distinctive design made a lasting impression. Rich wood pillars holdingContinue reading “4E 201 – Lost in Thought”