4E 200 – The Girl of My Dreams

Tara woke with a start. She reached out next to her…no Freta. Sitting up in the tent, she rubbed her eyes and got her bearings. They were camping near Fort Farragut outside of Cheydinhal. They’d been camping a week. Cheydinhal was getting expensive and jobs hadn’t been as easy to come by. Three months intoContinue reading “4E 200 – The Girl of My Dreams”

4E 199 – Good Steel

“I love it!” Tara exclaimed. “It’s…perfect.” She beamed a huge smile at Freta. Freta leaned in and gave her a lingering kiss. “Nothing like good steel. Check the markings.” Tara lifted the steel war axe and slowly examined it. Most of the markings were what she’d seen on axes throughout Cyrodiil. Then, she spotted it.Continue reading “4E 199 – Good Steel”

4E 199 – Stars and Moons, Passion and Fire

Freta sat on a stump on the other side of the campfire, across from where Tara sat on a similar stump. “What are you thinking about?” she asked. “Fire.” Freta studied her. “Not the campfire.” “No.” Tara took a deep breath. “Burning scrolls. Old arguments. Sorry.” Tara ran her fingers through her hair. She heardContinue reading “4E 199 – Stars and Moons, Passion and Fire”

4E 199 – Honey Blondes and Wooden Swords

The Nord woman removed her helmet and Tara felt her heart skip a beat. “Where did a Breton like yourself learn, ‘The Dragonborn Comes’?” The Nord asked. She set her steel helm down on the table where Tara had just sat and grabbed the other chair. Blonde hair, the color of honey, spilled down herContinue reading “4E 199 – Honey Blondes and Wooden Swords”

4E 199 – You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry

“Shut that Breton up!” bellowed the Orc. Tara stopped mid-verse of Ithguleoir. “What did you say?” she asked. The Orc, Shum gro-Ulfish, stared at her, “I said, ‘Shut that Breton up!’” He took a swig of his drink, mead by its amber color. “Tired of your mongrel voice.” “Tara. Don’t,” Barlin said to her. “He’sContinue reading “4E 199 – You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry”